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After all you’re still my friend. But I hate that fucking bitch you’re dating

You took the best years of my life…

The Newbie

I was the typical new girl at school, like in the movies… It was October 2009 and I had horrible hair. I had switched schools because I was failing one of my classes but I didn’t want to go to the “School of the Unknown”, I wanted to go where all my friends were, where my  boyfriend was, but my parents forced me so I had no choice. Lucky for me my best friend attended the ”School of the Unknown”  so we met up. My first day was the most weirdest day of all; I was lost, felt very awkward, I was the most serious person of all, some might say I was emo.

One day something triggered my curiosity. There were these two weird girls that were in my homeroom, they both looked like rocker chicks to me. They were late to class and when they entered they went directly to the window, which was looking to the handball court. They started shouting out the name Xavier, and for some very strange reason that name called out my attention. I liked that name, but I went on with my day.

I was the loneliest girl in school, I hated free tracks, and I spent most of my time sitting in a bench listening to music. I hated that school so much! But it was ok because my best friend was there with me. At lunch time me and Mathews, my best friend, went to my house which was 10 minutes away from school by foot. We ate lunch, watched TV then headed back to school. It was the only good thing I had at the moment. But I still felt out of place. 

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